In a Greek-Steampunk world, Zebina is an apprentice to Professor Avernus. Together they unravel quantum physics dark matter, drawing two teens, David and Maria, from our universe.

Pursued by a military scientist, the group must flee, while trying to find a way to get David and Maria home. Zebina, caught between religion and her love for science, seeks to understand the mysterious powers that link faith and quantum physics in a thrilling race through Adara.


After a failed study abroad in London, I landed in Greece. Somehow between the graves of Grecian poets and the shard of ancient pottery that I picked up on a Greek island, magic hit.

Doorways was born.

I have a Master’s degree in Writing with an emphasis in Fiction and Screenwriting at Pacific University, and a BA in Emerging Media and Digital Art. Between degrees (and sometimes in spite of them) I wrote Zebina’s tale.

Along the way, I’ve met fashion designers, producers, perfume makers and other crafty types, all who have worked with me to bring collaboration to the world of Adara and make it come to life.

I hope you sink into this world just as much as I have.

And just in case you wanted to know some more nitty-gritty about me:

  • I’m totally a Spec Fiction nerd (probably like you)
  • I adore the Pacific Northwest and make it my home
  • I live with two cats and a husband
  • And I have Cerebral Palsy (wait…what?). Yep, if you see me in person, my right hand doesn’t work too well, but that is okay because I type like 60 words per minute with my left hand – true story!)

I hope that you decide to stay with me for the long haul as I plan on bringing you the best of Adara for the next decade, at least. If you want to know where all the trendy Adara themed parties are held, how to get your hands on more Adara fashion, or even have some fan-fiction to share, then sign up below:

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