Storytelling for Creative Entrepreneurs

Are you a storyteller?

What if I told you that for years I’ve treated corporate America as my research lab – working at places like MTV News and the Ritz-Carlton, as well as my own business – to see just how far storytelling can go in entrepreneurship?
In theory, storytelling has been an important part of business. But I took clinical theory and put it into practice in every conceivable business scenario: building social media following, building comradery with my team, gaining the respect of my competition.
The purpose of this book isn’t to familiarize you with business storytelling – there are plenty of books doing just that. The purpose of this book is to expand your storytelling range, to develop your storytelling technique and to provide you with a razor sharp tool that can build your business in any entrepreneurial setting.
• Why the typical rags to riches signature story may not be the best bet for your business
• How to craft stories for a wide variety of entrepreneurial situations
• Why developing your story may help you discover your hidden gem as an entrepreneur
Whether you are new to the art of storytelling for business, or a whiz, the practical, straight-forward approach of building your storytelling IQ found in this book, will doubtless revolutionize your business profits, authority, and prestige.

Hey, Dreamer!

When it comes to building the life of our dreams, we tend to be hit and miss. But what if there was a Godly, systematic way to ensure that the dreams of our life were fulfilled – and we grew into our callings and talents at the same time? The #DreamWell interactive journal walks you through step-by-step activities, journal prompts, and Bible readings to get you on the path of dreaming well and honoring God with the desires of your heart. It is a system that develops your God callings and dreams in an action-packed 28 days.
This journal is interactive with:
~ An engaging story or illustration to demonstrate each day’s topic
~ Journal prompts to create clarity around your dream
~ Daily activities designed with actionables to build momentum for the dream of your life
~ Weekly “Technology Helpers” – virtual tools to increase your success
~ Daily Bible reading related to the day’s topic

Dream Guarantee: If you do the activities and interact with each component of the daily readings, your dream is guaranteed to build momentum and grow substantially in these 28 days!

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