If you’ve been exposed to my teaching method, you know that I break things down step-by-step in a very approachable method.  The e-course is designed to produce a written, published and marketed non-fiction book WHILE you go through the material so that you are not just learning but DOING. Most of my students complete the entire process in 60 days. 


I do this through 6 modules with the Book Writing Breakthrough Method:


Module 1, Research – Discover what book you were born to write.  I believe everybody that writes has a giant gift to share with the world, and in this module, the writer unpacks those gifts and arrives at the intersection of what they SHOULD write and what the world WANTS them to write.  For many of my students, this first module unshackles them from unbelief to a fully transformative a-ha! moment, and the writer to author makeover begins.










Module 2, Outline – In this module I destroy one of the first writing monsters – writer’s block.  I show you how to find and develop your own unique outline – but I do it in a way that is fun and engaging.  I help you truly be entertaining in your book, alternating between stories, teaching points, and more.  This module allows the writer to see a fully finished book within their grasp.






Module 3, Writing – Imagine sitting down to write your book knowing exactly what words you’ll put on the page that day, knowing exactly when you’ll finish the book – and best of all – realizing you can complete your book in 1-3 weeks.  This is what module 3 provides you with.  I eliminate another writing monster in this module and give you a wide variety of tools to succeed in writing your book efficiently and, best of all, with joy and ease.






Module 4, Editing – This course saves people thousands of dollars.  The editing module begins this process by showing you how to edit your book for free, start formatting your book for print and e-book distribution, creating a cover on your own that is highly marketable and draws more sales.  I see many writers begin to morph into true authors at this point as they begin to foresee their author status in the marketplace.






Module 5, Marketing – Want #1 status with Amazon?  Want to do book signings, radio, and TV shows, speaking engagements?  Or, do you just want to share your book with your current platform?  The glory of this module is your CHOICES:  select from a menu of marketing options and develop a short and long-range marketing plan for your book.  I cover EVERY CONCEIVABLE MARKETING option for writers and show you how to market your book in these ways.






Module 6, Publishing – Finally, I show you how to publish your book in print and e-book options, as well as how to develop organic marketing reach by how you publish your book.  We cover all the ins and outs of ISBN’s, international distribution and keyword searches.  Best of all, I keep you updated with all the new changes in the self-publishing world.  Ultimately, my students start to see the full transformation from novice writer to top-selling author in this module. 


Lives are changed with this course.  How?  My students have seen these amazing opportunities after taking my course:

~ Speaking engagements in India, Ireland, Greece, Europe, Australia and all over the USA.

~ Developing training centers for students of their book

~ #1 status on Amazon

~  Thousands of dollars in passive income from book sales

~  Being asked to teach courses related to their book

~  Their business, non-profit or ministry flourishing


How about you?  Are you ready for sixty days that opens the doors to your future, your destiny and your purpose?  Are you ready for a wildly supportive e-course that allows you to write, publish and market your book with confidence – and grows you into the author you’ve always wanted to be?


© 2018 angela m. meer

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