Zebina (17)

Zebina has escaped a religious commune and has spent the last two years as an apprentice to a brilliant scientist. She and Professor Avernus are studying black matter phenomena in a workshop and home.

After banishment from her hometown, Zebina left the commune to explore her scientific curiosities. Along with Professor Avernus, Zebina is on the brink of a scientific breakthrough accredited to her name and longs to make her way in this elite scientific world, one she was never supposed to breach.


Professor Talos Avernus (46)

Professor Avernus is a celebrated scientist and is studying dark matter phenomenon.  He has sunk into a single-minded devotion for their current project.

Avernus is Uncle and mentor to Zebina, and together they are the “black sheep” of a forgotten religious commune they both fled from.  In Zebina, he has found the family life he never had, and recognizes similar desires and passions.  This bond carries them throughout the dangerous tasks that lie before them.


Maria (16)

Maria is the good girl, studious at school, and fearful of nearly everything as an illegal immigrant living in east Los Angeles.  She has barely survived the loss of her parents and has learned to cope with just scraping by.  She is silent to a fault, warm and engaging, but driven by the horror of life on her own.

She is the caretaker of her older brother, an employed drunk.  These life circumstances have pushed her far outside her sense of safety.  Her friendship with Zebina evolves as Maria leans into her for help as their leader and she, prophetically gifted, reciprocates.  This is often at the heart of their greatest conflict – she wants to obey what she feels prophetically, and Zebina (herself a renegade of a prophetic community) wants to rebel.


David (17)

As a former heroine addict, David has reinvented himself as an academic scholar. His mother, still shaken with addictions and homelessness, is his only touchstone to life.

When David arrives in Adara, he is gifted with superhuman strength. David’s plans often backfire while continually attempting to rescue and save everyone around him.  He is awkward, stubborn and fixated on finding a way home, and often clashes with Zebina.


Felix (17)

Felix is the son of the University Chairman and antagonist to Zebina.  He has failed in his attempt to follow in his father’s footsteps and as the film unfolds his deep drive to make his father proud pushes him into treacherous circumstances that puts the life of Zebina on the line.  He has yet to come into his own, and struggles to find himself outside of his father’s view.  Felix is often one-step behind the protagonist throughout the film, losing and capturing members of their party as trophies for his father.

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