Please read Guidelines below, before submitting a dream.

Guidelines for Submitting

a Dream

This is a Partnership!

Yes, submitting a dream is free but we do ask that you take time and care filling out the forms for submitting a dream, and the 3-month check-up email. Additionally, we may ask for more information if the dream is integral to our research. Due to volume, we cannot interpret every dream, but we try.


In exchange, you can expect:

  • Personal, confidential, uplifting and encouraging feedback. We believe that the Bible is very clear that dreams that are from God are for your edification and comfort (I Corinthians 14:3).

  • For your dream to be analyzed for research purposes so that Christians can gain a greater understanding of collective symbols, shared messages, and/or greater insight to the nocturnal speech of God.

  • Possible connection with others who share a piece of your "puzzle dream." These are dreams where several people have pieces of a singular, unified message via dreams.

  • On-going support via blogs, webinars, and classes, if you are interested in learning more

Privacy & Confidentiality

All dreams submitted to The Dream Lab may be used for educational or promotional purposes. However, we will never share your name, UNLESS we have personally emailed you and received your written approval.

What to Expect When You Submit a Dream

Step 1: You will be asked general information for the first 4-5 questions. Following that, will be a form for submitting the dream in entirety. Then, 2-3 questions follow regarding the nature of the dream. The form will take between 5-15 minutes to fill out.


Step 2: You will receive confirmation of receipt of your dream, with personalized feedback and possible interpretation within a month. From that time, you will also receive ongoing correspondence about our research, classes, and webinars to evolve your dream interpretation understanding.


Step 3: Three months after you've submitted your dream, you will be asked to fill out a follow-up questionnaire about your dream. This will take about 5-10 minutes to fill out.


Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How do I know if a dream should be submitted?



Answer: This is a great question! The best rule of thumb is to question whether a dream has "resonance." That is, does the dream stick with you, linger, or make you go hmmm? Likewise, re-occurring dreams, dreams within dreams and dreams that make you feel strong emotions (good or bad) might have significance.


Question: Can I submit more than 1 dream?


Answer: Please do. We are researching cycles, seasons and consistent dream behavior in individuals. If we see that you have frequent significant dreams in your life, we may call upon you for more research or to join our team.


Question: Can I submit a dream if I already have full or partial interpretation or understanding?


Answer: Yes. We are collecting dreams for research as well as interpretation. We will ask in the submission form if you already have full or partial understanding of your dream. This helps us analyze symbols that are collective and symbols that are personal.



Question: I'm not a Christian. Can I still submit my dream?


Answer: Yes. We are collecting dreams for research and interpretation, regardless of your religious persuasion. 


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