I was introduced to the idea of sex trafficking early in my life when I was traveling through Thailand.  I saw, clear as day, in the airport the overt sexual exchanges that were taking place in a very public place.  I was appalled, but shockingly silent.  I just didn’t know what to do about it.

Years later I attended a benefit when Rebecca Bender was speaking.  She told the story of how she was coerced from our little town in southern Oregon to Las Vegas.  How she was manipulated into doing things for her “boyfriend” for the sake of keeping her daughter safe.  She escaped years later.  Many of her friends did not.

I couldn’t believe that sex trafficking existed in America.

Over the years I’ve watched as Rebecca has fought for the rights of the victims of these crimes.  She speaks with policy makers, law enforcement, FBI, and schools.  Wherever she goes she teaches girls about the reality of sex trafficking in America.

And she has saved hundreds of girls from that scary fate.

At AngelaMeer.com, 10% of our proceeds go to Rebecca Bender Ministries.  Educating parents, girls, law enforcement, fathers and boyfriends is a cause we want to fight alongside.

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