Week 1:


  • Where to get a great screenplay idea

  • How to narrow your focus to the best storyline

  • Idea maps 


Week 2:

  • Brilliant characters with brilliant motivations

  • Finding the spark of interest so your characters are full-bodied and not flat

  • How your characters push your plot and not the other way around


Week 3:

  • Storyboarding

  • Plot points

  • Twists and turns


Week 4:

  • Technicals and techniques of a screenplay

  • Screenplay software

  • What is wildly different about screenwriting than any other writing?


Week 5:

  • Emotions, Logic and Messed-Up characters

  • What makes your first Act sizzle?


Week 6:

  • Treatments, websites and killer proposals: How to sell your work

  • Indie films and putting yourself in the Director's chair



“Angela got straight to the heart of good writing and did it an effortless and engaging way. She knows her stuff and you will too.” 

—  Eric Green, CEO & Author, Green Enterprises


You know those times when you are staring at a blank screen, scrunching your eyebrows together and hoping – praying – that somehow you can covey what’s in your head and heart?


Or how about this…waking up totally inspired to write that screenplay…only to get half-way down the page, re-read what you’ve written and just throw your arms up in disgust?


And how many times have you sat down to write…and it ends up in a heap, a discarded computer file or lost between the pages of a journal?


My friend, I hear ya! 


I know EXACTLY what that feels like because (not-so-big-reveal) I WAS YOU!


I’ve started well over 22 books…

have discarded heaps (I mean monstrous, gigantic, overflowing trash barrels worth) of half-finished books and screenplays…

and started (and lost my password to) over 6 blogs on 3 different platforms.

If anyone gets it, it’s me!


I knew the grueling, agonizing life of a writer-in-the-making but, I also knew that I wasn’t willing to give up on my dreams to write, teach and create.


So I kept trying, kept learning, and kept at it until…

(enter fast-paced triumphant music here)

my moment of Breakthrough came.


Unfortunately, my breakthrough wasn’t that glorious.  It was actually a punch in the gut.

 After working in ministry with a friend for about 3 years, he said to me, “You’re really good at starting things.”



He totally meant it as a compliment, but (you probably picked up on it, too) I read between the lines:

I wasn’t good at finishing things.

It was my wakeup call.


The next day, I sat down to write my screenplay. 

I began to systematically examine and implement productivity strategies.

I created schedules, timelines and to-do lists and actually finished them.


And then…

six months later I was a top-seller on Amazon, had written and published 2 books, and was wrapping up my Master's degree in Screenwriting.


So, my friend, back to you.

Somehow, someway you’ve wandered here to my website.  You’ve read all the way down to here.  So, I’m guessing that some part of you is vibe-ing with what I’m saying.  And if that’s the case I want to invite you to join the Bootcamp.  Here’s what I promise you:

  • No fluff, straight-to-the-goodies type of help with your writing needs

  • Engaging, story-filled content about how to make your screenplay a success

  • And a guarantee that if you do your homework, you'll be ready to sell in your work in no time.


For too long you've put this dream off. Today, the future is calling.

Here’s how to start:

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