PROPHETIC WORD -- Jesus was Tempted by Scripture

Jesus Was Tempted By SCRIPTURE


Last week, while in prayer, the Lord spoke to me something that shocked me. He said: many people are hearing Scriptures right now and think the Scripture is being spoken by God. This Scripture is coming to tempt them into certain decisions or belief systems that are not of God. I tested this Word immediately and God took me to the verses in Matthew 4:1-11 where Jesus was tempted by the devil using SCRIPTURE.

This is a word that may be challenging to some but as a Body, we have come to the season where Christians need to have the discernment to be able to test what is: 
1) In the right season
2) In the right context


This is why it is so important that the body of Christ begins to embrace - not push away, ignore, or mock - the prophets in the church. True prophets of God usually have had tremendous trials and tribulations that have taught them how not only to hear God clearly but to hear Him accurately for a season that the church is in. 

When Jesus was on His way to die for our sins, His own disciples asked to call down fire on Christ's enemies...He said you do not know what spirit you are of (Luke 9:55)--demonstrating that what was right for one season (Elijah and the prophets of Baal) was not right for another season.

Likewise, when Jonah saw the city of Ninevah repent, He was downcast because he actually wanted to see God destroy Ninevah! (Jonah 4). He was also rebuked by God for not carrying the context of Scriptures well.
In John 4:23, Jesus said that God was looking for those who worshipped God in Spirit and in Truth. If we only worship God with the truth of the Scriptures, without the Spirit of the Lord guiding us into understanding those Scriptures, we will find ourselves in error.


This is a great time of your life to begin asking God for a great deal of discernment, so you can accurately navigate the seasons ahead of us.







Throughout the world, many prophetic people are speaking out on the massive increase of angels into their cities and lives. In my own prophetic community, we have seen tremendous movement in the angelic realm: new angels carrying new assignments, and an increase of both seeing these angels and revelation for understanding their function on the earth.

This is great news! We know that God sends His angels to minister to those who inherit salvation (Hebrews 1:14). We also know that the Acts church was so familiar with seeing angels that when they were praying for Paul’s release from prison, and he stood at their home church knocking, they told the servant girl that it must be his angel knocking at the door, and not him (Acts 12)! This was because angels were ministering along with people in the Acts church, in order to facilitate God’s great promises on the earth.

Today is no exception. God still sends his angels to help his children carry out his purposes. When there is an influx of angels onto the earth, and a massive mobilization of new and assigned angels, we get the great privilege of asking God why.

The other night, as I lay sleeping, the Lord downloaded a prophetic word for those of you who might need encouragement in this hour. And guess what! This great mobilization of angels has multiple purposes, but one specific one might greatly encourage you today.



I saw that some of these angels had the same assignment that the angel in Acts 12 did: they were released to help people in a massive jailbreak!


This wasn’t a real jail, but rather, spiritual jails that kept people imprisoned to the enemy’s lies, destruction, and anger toward the church. I saw that the angel was there to minister to the truth about their circumstances and the great love that God had for them. As these angels ministered, there was a massive jailbreak in their thinking. It was like a light turned on and everything had changed for them!

  • If you have been praying for prodigals in your life, expect a massive turnaround.

  • If you have been praying for those who are angry against God, expect a massive turnaround.

  • If you have been praying for leaders in governing positions, expect a massive turnaround.

These angels are orchestrating a jailbreak of the likes we have never seen!


CHAINS FALLING             

As the chains fell off those in prison, I saw a great refreshing come to the church. The loud clinking sound of broken chains seemed to awake the church to her position in this hour, and stir her to mentor these newly released prisoners. Because of the pain and trauma, many have experienced in the last decade, they will minister to these prisoners out of a place of deep compassion and love. They will thrive in their newly appointed position because many of these new mentors have received new angelic assignments because they have overcome the enemy in the last season.


This is a season of great joy, as the massive jailbreak of many commences!


© 2018 angela m. meer

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